I've got a zend project situated within the /account sub folder. I wish to have the ability to create sub-domain virtual hosts and point their DocumentRoot for this sub folder

In index.php I've this line that sets the Link to the zend project folder


The DocumentRoot setup for just one sub-domain is

 DocumentRoot /var/www/account

As i am browsing the website at subomdain.domain.com it always adds /account towards the Web addresses that is normal however throws this error

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Zend_Controller_Dispatcher_Exception' with message 'Invalid controller specified (account)'

If I remove /account from the URL while being able to access the website via a subdomain the web pages render all right. So essentially www.domain.com/account/something.html inside a subdomain could be subdomain.domain.com/something.html that is working perfectly fine.

I am likely to setup the server to ensure that all customers will login through their sub-domain. The zend folder is going to be put by itself server and used because the DocumentRoot for those sub-domain names what exactly would I alternation in the index.php to make this happen?


I wouldnt nest the project inside another non-zend project, i'd provide its very own root out side the net accessible dir from the other project and point the subdomain there. Then simply make your module/controller for account the default via routing.

However should you choose nest them then you'll have to set the [cde]

When the parent project is another zend application i quickly would merge the 2 together and employ routing to handle sub-dir mapping by doing this you are able to perform a wildcard vhost and point all of them towards the same application instance around the filesystem.